Change of use of agricultural land. Regulating plots of land.

GeoImot Ltd develops its activity on the territory of Varna, Sofia, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo regions in several aspects:

  • Change of use of agricultural land /forests and fields/ based on your purpose
  • Regulating plots of land
  • Obtaining a plot plan
  • Fencing a plot of land

The core principles of work are transparency of our services, stricktly following the determined terms for completion of the procedures, competitive prices. The cost of the services you select depends on the location of your property and its size. We will research the possibilities to change the use of your agricultural land or to regulate your parcel free of charge in order to inform you properly.

Contact us on тел.: +359 89 952 9968 или email: info (at) geoimot (dot) com

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